Sunday, May 1, 2011

Unrelated to Nursing: Two of My Favorite Things EVER

As everyone probably knows by now I love hockey more than most things. My team is out of the playoffs but I am still invested. Instead of rooting for the underdog and getting depressed as always, this year I'm rooting for American players and playoff beards. I have a lot of good prospects. Unfortunately, my best bet is out now:

Paul Mara. I will miss your beautiful, beautiful beard, sir.
Luckily, the Sharks are holding strong, and will hopefully knock out the hated Red Wings, meaning Joe Thorton can carry on with this awesomeness:
And if not, Shea Weber's is still beautiful:
Or Tim Thomas:
Well, listen, I know it's a playoff moustache, but first, it's an awesome one, and second, I seriously love Tim Thomas. Like, a whole lot.
So, anyway, you should be watching the playoffs right now if nothing else but for the sweet beard action. If you can't acknowledge the beauty here you're obviously just jealous of Shea Weber.


  1. I do love the beards
    Like a sweater for the face
    Oh, whiskers are beast.

    I'm glad there are others in life who love the face fur as much as I do.

  2. As much as I dislike hockey...I would still "cheer" for the Canadian teams! :) But then, when 2/3 of every team is's a moot point .... ;)

    Really? You are a Habs fan? wow.

    Did you know that during the playoffs with Boston, a petition was circulated to change all "Boston Pizza" places to change their name to "Montreal Pizza" for the duration of the playoffs.

    Here in BC there is a "Predator Ridge" golf course that changed it's name to "Canucks Ridge" (Playoffs Canucks vs Nashville Predators)

    You would never know we had a Major Federal election on at the moment (Vote day is tomorrow).

    Hockey rules and superceeds everything here. And I mean EVERYTHING.


  3. Haha, is that like the Canadian equivalent to our "freedom fries" but less obnoxious?
    Not a Habs fan so much as a Paul Mara beard fan, although I do default to cheering for them above most of the other Canadian teams just because my favorite teammate is a diehard Canadiens fan.
    I really wanted to see Phoenix go this year, but I got my heart broken, of course. I'd love to see Tim Thomas get a cup (Team USA!), but I actually think the Canucks are probably the best team.

  4. Check out Dan Boyle's beard, it is not too bad. I work night shift so that I don't have to miss hockey. I also figured out I can go to a Sharks game and make it to work on time (even stopping for coffee) yay hockey!!!

  5. Dan Boyle just generally rules. I'd love to finally see the Sharks with a cup, I like so many of their players and LOVE your mascot. Miss Nabokov like crazy though.