Thursday, January 12, 2012

Picky, Picky

I will admit I am very consciously not a super particular person. It's probably because I've basically worked service my entire life (before nursing, I waited tables and worked retail) and I always found the multifaceted special request people secretly annoying. Yeah, I can get that salad for you with the chicken extra crispy and no tomatoes and with half full calorie and half zero calorie ranch on the side, but I am totally thinking in my head that you're probably kind of a high maintenance douche. I can put half of your twenty five dollar total on a check and the other half on a credit card, but really? Should you be buying clothes if you don't have twenty five dollars in the bank? Just something to think about.
While I found these people mildly annoying in food service, in nursing I often just find them confusing. Mainly, the things they choose to be particular about. It seems to me the people who want a Shasta with a half cup of ice and then an extra cup of ice with no water on the side are always the sorts that come in harboring some kind of sick-ass fungus on their skin that could have been prevented by simple hygiene; the people that want the head of the bed raised a half an inch up, no, now a quarter inch down, are the same ones that have been sitting on some kind of funky discharge for a month and a half. It really blows my mind. Seriously. How can you be so type A about one facet of your life but you seem to be completely unconcerned about the new species being created between your skin folds?
Maybe it's some kind of joy people take in requesting things of others. I'm embarrassed to ask for a class of water with my beer, so maybe I just can't understand it. I can't really judge since this is the sort of stuff I spend my time thinking about.

Also- I can't get the links on here to work yet, but I've created a twitter account-@hood_nurse.
I might post stuff, or might just use it to see what kind of shenanigans Ilya Bryzgalov is up to this week.


  1. You like hockey--win!! Did you watch 24/7? I can only assume you did after that last comment, or that you live near/in Philadelphia.

  2. I watched a little 24/7 on the internet, no HBO at my house. Need to see more since it features my baby daddy Henrik Lundquist. I love me some goalies in general, and was always a big fan of Bryz even when he was playing in Phoenix just because of how awesome he was. His super weird personality is a pleasant bonus.

  3. I watched it on the internet as well. Also agree with you on The King (tho not a fan of either team); it was fun to see the goalies' personalities on 24/7 (as well as various players in general)...goalies are definitely a unique bunch. Do you follow any of the NHL teams specifically or just specific players?