Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Drugs Are Bad

There has been an odd increase lately in jackasses who are high on whatever coming in for essentially, side effects of being high, but they're so high they insist it's something else. These are the worse people to deal with, because they're already agitated and anxious and they don't respond very well to the medical advice "go home and sleep it off".
This crackhead chick checks in the other day for the crack scratchies, is prescribed Benadryl and steroids for said scratchies, and then proceeds leave without treatment because she's pissed that we "aren't taking her complaint seriously". Homegirl then goes across the street, smokes more crack, and calls the ambulance from there. She's so effin' high when she gets to me that she can't even tell me what's wrong- after 10 minutes I get out of her "I feel bad" and "my skin hurts", but they main point she's trying to drive home is that the problems are NOT related to her drug use. They're just not, I know they're not, because I know my body ("I know my body" is a whole other damn post). MMkay. So, basically she is prescribed anxiety meds, which she of course refuses, throws her rehab referrals on the floor and storms out of the ER again. Okay. Thanks for choosing Hood Hospital?
So then last night, I get some dude who's buddy brings him in for heart palpitations or some shit, who is beyond drunk and high on who knows what else. Admits that he's had about 8 beers and around 5 shots since he woke up that afternoon, won't sit down, won't stop talking about every other thing in the world other than his emergent complaint. Then he decides he wants me to get him a drink immediately and just asks repeatedly using a multitude of obscenities. Lovely. I used to try to deal with this crap myself, but I'm seriously over it at this point. You wanna act drunk and stupid? Okay, fine, the police will finish this triage with us. The one advantage to working with idiots like this is that most of them have warrants, so once they see a police officer they are suddenly on their best behavior. These two didn't even stay to get seen once the police came around- you're welcome, treatment area nurses.
Uggh. Can we add a "drunk, stupid asshole" column to our MSE form please? Thanks.


  1. Some of my favorites were all the losers coming in high off of bath crystals. Um yes. Bath crystals. Apparently only one chemical molecule different than Meth. And please bring on the "I know my body!" post because I want to tell you about the guy who fell while changing his curtains and a potato went up his ass....

  2. Somehow, I don't hate my nursing job quiiitte as much after reading your posts. I still can't wait to retire and stop waiting hand and foot on people. Maybe once the manager's happy I can actually do some patient care.

  3. thank you for choosing hood hospital...thats funny

  4. I eagerly await the "I know my body" post!