Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reason For Visit

Probably one of the most consistently amusing things at my job is the shit people write in the "reason for visit" blank on our check in form. I really wish it was legal for me to copy all of them and make a scrapbook. They bring me great, great joy.
Some require a little bit of background, like the guy who brought in his son who was tripping balls and acting totally cray-cray. Reason for visit? "K2" was all that was written on the form. Well, I guess if you're getting to the root cause, yeah. I had to help the registration rep with that one though.
Others are just literacy issues- like "Somatch" (abdominal pain)- probably things I should not find as amusing, but tell me you could keep from laughing if you saw someone's chief complaint written down as "Golf Stones".
The ones for STDs THE BEST, though. Freakin' comedy gold. A few from this year:
"I got a discharge"
"Slept with a dirty woman"
"My dick be leakin'"
"Pussy swoelen"
or, my personal favorite of all time "Klamidia Gondor dripping from my penis".
Yeah, to be fair, though, if I had a mythical kingdom dripping out of my genitals, I would probably be going to the ER too.


  1. Oh my gosh...still laughing.
    And, I just noticed the HIPPA disclaimer...LMAO, "Yeah, no, I'm not talking about you. Actually, I'm not even technically an RN. I used to be a CNA and I watch lots of shows on Discovery and TLC, I've had 8 kids and I read a lot of stuff about natural remedies on the internet so I think I'm pretty much qualified to be one. I'm currently unemployed so all of these stories are just things I think up when I'm at home during the commercial breaks for Maury." LOL Made my day.

    ~Amanda (RN Student...)

  2. I read your blog on a regular basis, and while not in the medical field, you provide hours of entertainment! Thanks for the laughs and the fact I just snorted my drink after reading this post!

  3. At my last job, we used to save those cards and make a slide show of them at the Christmas Party (along with other charting gaffes made by staff). All identifying info was removed, so it's not a hipaa violation, but they still made us stop doing it. Funny stuff