Friday, July 8, 2011

The Antidote for ER Angst

So, last couple days up here have been randomly terrible. Like bag of chips for dinner, ER full of holds (in June, WTF), setting up the ER bunk beds, management coming around at 3 am to do what they do (nothing), cray-cray. Last night was the worst.
But tell me if you could possibly be pissed about anything if this happened to you. So, I go back in to check on my hold patients after helping out in the double CPR that had just come in. Everyone's mostly pretty much sleeping, including my last patient I come to see, a sweet little lady with early dementia being admitted for weakness. Just as I step into the room to check on her, she opens her eyes, and as soon as she sees me, she looks up at me with this giant adorable toothless grin and exclaims, "Sweetie! You're here!" As I talked to her I realized she thought that she had been moved upstairs and didn't realize she was still holding in ER, so when she thought I was her nurse on the floor she was super excited.
Seriously. How can you be in a bad mood when someone is that happy to see you?


  1. aw. I loved the old folks i looked after at the beginning of my nursing career. I still remember a lot of them and they are long dead...

    The occasional sweet older person that I get now are so adorable...I sometimes want to take them home....and definitely I worry about them after I have left them to their own...

  2. You cannot remain in a bad mood when the grin is just for you !~!

    You are a good nurse-I love your stories. I have been in the business for thirty years too and have worked with all kinds of love-bugs in those decades.

  3. Funny the little things that the dementia patients do remember. I had a patient once over the course of a year when I cared for her about every 4 months for 6 weeks or so always remember me and that I was Carol. I wasn't Carol and have no idea who Carol was (she got awfully bossy with me sometimes) but she always remembered Carol.