Monday, April 18, 2011


Listen kids. I'm not one of those people that's super uptight about alcohol or cigarettes or illegal substances. In fact, I am of the opinion that we should legalize just about everything and vice laws are a giant waste of our time, but I personally do not partake in anything but alcohol.
For me it's a pro and con issue-the benefits of sweet, delicious Guinness far outweigh any health risks for me. I understand some people feel that way about cigarettes, and others feel that way about their drug of choice. It causes some suffering, but at the time at least, it's worth it. I can understand in just about every case except for when it comes to PCP. I mean, really. When has PCP ever worked out for anyone?
Obviously I am only exposed to bad trips on PCP working in the ER, but I know that bad trips cause you to scratch yourself, injure your loved ones, pee yourself, punch city busses in busy intersections in the mid-afternoon, get tazed multiple times without feeling it, believe all ER staff are undercover FBI agents, hump the foley catheter as it is being inserted into your pee hole, bite everyone in your general vicinity, lick sidewalks in the hood furiously, and stand on the side of the road naked whilst throwing tires at passing cars.
What is a good trip on PCP like? Does anyone know?


  1. My only experience with PCP was a 17 year old after he O'd. All I can say was worst extubation ever.... involving me laying on top of the patient yelling for a doctor.

    This after his mom came in the room and saw bruises all over his neck and asked me if I thought those bruises were from self-asphyxiation.... I had to be the one to show her the open condom wrappers that fell out of his pants and let her know that it was probably just hickey's during some fun times with his girlfriend.

    After he woke up he told me he didn't take any drugs except cough syrup....that must have been some crazy homemade concoction that did not agree with him.

  2. Haaahahha I don't know what a good PCP trip sounds like, but I sure as hell recognize all of the above from the bad trippers in the ER.

  3. wow...i luck out not a popular in my area. We have more meth problems. which seem to cause you to not want to stay dressed...ugh