Saturday, October 8, 2011

Real Life Floor Nurse Complaint

In regards to a medic who had just transported a patient upstairs to a room, where he alone moved the patient to the bed, got the patient comfortable in bed and raised both side rails:
"He just took the patient up there and LEFT THEM! He always does that, too!"


  1. Sarcasm: "I'm sorry the medic didn't do *your* job, I'll be sure to *not* say something to them." - former floor nurse

  2. An only slightly related question= you said he put up both the side rails (I'm assuming 2 out of 2). In the hospital I worked for, you had to leave one rail down, otherwise it was considered a restraint. What are your hospital policies on this?

    Even more strange is my sister-in-law just had a baby and the hospital wouldn't swaddle him. They said swaddling is a restraint and violates the baby's rights.

  3. Was the medic supposed to bathe the pt, order him dinner, and fax the orders to pharmacy too?!?!? Or did he not tell the nurse that the pt was there- I personally love hitting the call bell for help when we arrive. >50% of the time it's cancelled from the desk but noone comes.

    Swaddling a baby, which has comforted babies as long as there have been babies, is a RESTRAINT?!?!? Omg soon they'll tell us that atmospheric pressure on a chest wall is a restraint so all patients must be provided a low-pressure environment and a cpap...

  4. @Kara- the floor beds have side rails that are kind of split in half, so we just put the top two up and leave the bottom two down, which they always taught us was kosher in nursing school.
    Although, I suppose our two side railed stretchers are always a restraint, not like it stops our geri psych patients from scooting to the edge and going boom.
    Now baby swaddling as restraint is effin cray-cray. Does the womb count a restraint, too?

  5. Don't cha just love it?
    As for swaddling, what would us Moms do without it? I'm trying to figure out how to do it to my 17 year olds even now. With triplet babies, it was a lifesaver.
    We put them in the same crib for quite some time, too. They slept better.

  6. Ha ha. . .sounds like a med-surg floor in my hospital. . .I swear the staff run and hide when they hear the bed coming!

    Super. . .