Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Fun

I get some little old lady last night who came in for weakness- cute, tiny lady who was kind of mildly confused, but pleasant. We're doing the regular weakness/dizziness work up bit with labs and such, and I'm talking to the family about what was happening before the symptoms started as I'm hooking up her EKG leads.
"Well," her daughter tells me, "we were sitting there about to leave for the strip club, but then she started feeling bad, so we called the ambulance." I asked if she was serious. "Yeah!" She told me, "I mean, her husband's been sick for a while and he just died last week, we thought it would cheer her up." Shoot, maybe it would have. Who says ladies in their mid 80s aren't into that kind of thing? Can't fault them for trying!
Although, this is coming from someone who went to a bar with my parents and grandma last week, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask.


  1. Hey whatever keeps a person happy.

  2. HECK we only get one go at this. Do it while you're living!! I hope her prognosis is good! she can hit the club tomorrow!!!