Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Fun at the Triage Desk with Badass Sassy Coworker

Gastroenteritis-stricken-drama-queen patient: You need to get me back to a room! I need to lie down!
Sassy coworker: I'm sorry ma'am, but it's a very busy night. There's several other people ahead of you and every room we have is full right now.
Drama queen: This is ridiculous! Is this what you do in the ER here? This place is a shit hole! I just told you I need a room! I want to lie down!
Sassy coworker- Well, as of 2 seconds ago there's still not a room back there, so unless you wanna go back there and lay in the floor, you're gonna have to wait. Do you wanna go lay in the floor? No? Okay then, go sit down.


  1. The Press Ganey people's heads just exploded. Which is ok, because their heads were pretty empty. I nominate Sassy for coworker of the year.

  2. Lay on the floor....thats a good one. I'll have to try that line.