Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chief Complaint of the Night

Bear with me, I took the GRE earlier today and I can barely make words my brain is so fried. But here's a short one:
50-something guy on an ambulance- "So, I was smoking my weed like I normally do, right, and I had a couple of 40s of Bud Ice, but then I had one of them Four Lokos and I started feeling real bad, so I thought I just needed to burp and pass gas so I did, but then I kept feelin' bad and the gas kinda moved up to the middle of my chest so I decided to call the Ambulance 'cause my friend lil' K died of a heart attack last week so I just wanted to be safe, yah' know?"
Yup. Absolutely.
He then proceeded to try and figure out my astrological sign when I asked him his birthday for the purposes of verifying his bracelet. Rockin'.


  1. You have to give the dude props for honesty!

  2. Four Loko doesn't even have TEH DANGER of being loaded with caffeine anymore. :(

  3. Took the GRE a few months ago before they switched to the new version. Next up is the FE...8 HOURS! of engineering material. That's going to be a mind fuck.

  4. Full disclosure, this patient was super fun and awesome.
    8 hours of engineering material? I'm pretty sure my brain would either short circuit or I'd start to cry. Or both.

  5. super fun and awesome is what I try to be when I'm being treated to a stay at my local hospital. You get treated better if you make your ER nurse laugh so hard she pees her pants :-)

  6. You are hilarious! Seriously funny commentary. I totally "hear" the whole exchange. Gotta love honest patients. :)