Saturday, December 4, 2010

That's a new one

During a discharge for a simple laceration repair-
Me: Okay, so here's your prescriptions, just keep that clean and dry and elevated until you can follow up with the doctor.
Patient:Where is that doctor's number again?
Me: Oh, right on this second page of your discharge papers.
Patient: And where can I get your phone number?
Me: Buddy, I'm gonna need you to stop.

Well, there you go guys. New ER pick up line.


  1. While that is clever, the only way it's going to work is if Hugh Jackman is saying it to you. And even then, it wouldn't be effective because I would have already cut you and stolen Hugh away.

  2. Whoa, no blade necessary, missy. Unless Cillian Murphy is on the line. Then imma cut you.

  3. If I were 30 years younger I would have to intervene and take Cillian Murphy from you. At this interest. I hate getting old...

  4. Points for creativity, but 'fail' for futility.

    PS: I laugh in the face of Hugh Jackman and Cillian Murphy. But all us guys can't look like me... ;)

  5. thank goodness they don't all look like me....
    off i go to google cillian murphy.