Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prescription Refill

Of course the ER is the appropriate place to get your prescription refilled! I mean, I can't think of another appropriate place to do it. So, okay, obviously we are here to serve you and you only with your prescription refilling needs, but let me just help make you experience a little more efficient and pleasant and all that with a few tips:
- I know that your doctor's office doesn't open for a whole half an hour from now and they make you do that copay and stuff which is approximately the same cost as a 12 pack of Bud Light, but it really might be worth it on days like this where the ER is super busy and stuff and half of it is holds. Just to clarify.
-Please try not to get too upset when someone who is having a stroke is seen before you. Sometimes life is just unfair that way.
-When asking for a prescription refill, it is very important to know the name of the medicine. Or the dosage. Or at least what it's for. Or, never mind.
-When coming to get a prescription refill for your child, try to know whether the child has actually been diagnosed with any medical problems that would necessitate refilling said medication. The fact that you have been giving the child his siblings medications for a problem you think he may have been diagnosed with a year ago does not mean he actually needs it.
-Your triage code is a 5. Do you know what that means? It's a fancy way of saying, "you never should have come here for this shit, but we will refrain from MSEing your ass out of this ER because we're nice like that." It also means you are not in a position to be screaming at the doctor because you wanted more prescriptions refilled, or more pills, or a higher dosage of pain medicine. I have witnessed doctors who were subjected to this sort of foolishness take the prescriptions back, shred them, and replace them with a prescription for a megadose of GTFO to be filled be security, so I suggest you tread lightly.
Okay. Any more questions? Great. As always, thanks for choosing Hood Hospital.


  1. I think when I start travel nursing this year, I should come visit hood hospital. Methinks adventures would be had, if I made it up that way!

  2. Dangit, hoodnurse, you're my favorite.

  3. @shrtstormtrooper-GIRL. MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I am 1000% serious.

  4. Oh I like that prescription for GTFO.

  5. Also, if you're in for a refill of your insulin (which you've been out of for a week) and come in JUST this side of DKA, don't get pissy when I tell you that you cannot have apple juice.

  6. I just had to take some BS online training for EMTALA, and I thought the most interesting part is that you do NOT have to see patients who are requesting routine things...the examples given in the presentation were prescription refills and suture removal. Life would be so much better if we started actually kicking these people out instead of encouraging their tomfoolery by meeting their demands.