Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Please advise

Real quick. I am not familiar with meth so much, as crack cocaine is by far the popular favorite at hood hospital. Does meth normally make your breath and urine smell like a GI bleed turd rotting in the sun? Or does driving around the city trying to get back to your home state, only to end up in a small town in the opposite direction because you are totally meth-ed out, then getting picked up by the police and subsequently EMS when they cops are like "WTF is wrong with the dude" and then ending up at the hospital without a glass of water or a breath mint cause this?

I did a google search on "meth breath" which yielded lots on enlightening results, but the descriptions were always somewhere along the lines of breath having a "foul, chemical smell", which unless said "chemical" happens to be shit, is not quite what this smells like. Please help. For research purposes, of course.


  1. The real difference is a meth high lasts for a long time whereas a crack high usually doesn't last an hour.

  2. Yes their mouth is pretty much decaying. So if you have ever smelled like a rat that died in you house or just a dead animal on the side of the road. I smells horrid. Meth is unfortunately one of the number one drugs in the area here. If you want to research it meth bad breath key in Meth mouth. Thats what they call it here. Here is a link more on meth mouth http://www.doctorspiller.com/meth_mouth.htm

    hope that helps

  3. @Jason- that explains A LOT about this dude's behavior. He was acting so weird in the waiting room after we discharged him that my charge nurse was convinced he's set up a meth lab in the bathroom and done it again.
    @Living Dead Nurse- YES! That's exactly what it smelled like!

  4. and they often smell like cat piss from the chemicals being sweated out through their skin