Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Gal a little younger than me presents with her baby and her baby's daddy for some kind of Level 1 abdominal pain DRAMZ.  Of course, it's crazy busy and it totally sucks and it's way understaffed because Hood Hospital.  Homegirl's vitals are stable and she goes back to the waiting room.
Baby daddy then proceeds to bum rush the triage desk every 5 minutes to berate us about why she isn't getting a room.  It's been around an hour at this point.  We re-triage her, at his request. Yup, you're still okay, I'm sorry it's so busy, as soon as we get a room we'll bring you back, sorry, okay thanks.
Baby daddy escalates even more, finally reaching a crescendo as he goes up to the window and screams at triage partner "HOW LONG ARE YOU GUYS JUST GOING TO LET HER FUCKING SIT THERE IN PAIN?!!" Oh, I'm sorry, did you want a room?  Well now that you said that, let me just see if I can remember my f-ing room conjuring spell that I learned when I spent my semester at Hogwarts and just make one for you.
So after all the to-do we skip some people to accommodate abdominal pain princess and her knight in shining armor here,  and I walk her back.  The nurse is busy and I'm not at this point in the night, so I decide to help out and start her IV.  Not being in the waiting room seems to already be improving the symptoms drastically, so I'm talking with them about their baby and stuff when she starts making some hilarious baby faces and patient mentions that she thinks the baby might be pooping and baby daddy will have to change her diaper.  At that point, dude gets totally butt hurt and is all like, "Um, NO.  I changed the last one, it's your turn."
OH.  Oh really? Ten minutes ago, you were totally for sure that your baby's mom was legit DYING in the waiting room, but now all of a sudden you're not concerned enough to change your kid's diaper because it's HER TURN? Really? Yeah, all staff be advised, there's now an active douche alert in this room.


  1. I hate people... more every fugging day, I swear. I could just smack people about their attitude toward diapers-either on babies, old people or disabled people. I went thru Aide training with some who Never. Once. Touched. Bodily. Fluid. the entire training program and swore they never would in their career. How do these people get and hold jobs? Who does the scut work inherent in any life? Who will take care of these folks when they need help? I am totally confused about them and how they think. Or if they think at all...

  2. hahahahaha! You must have had my daughter and her fiance there! Seriously, they are constantly arguing about whose "turn" it is changing my grandson's diaper & it drives me batty. Oh...& my daughter is a hypochondriac too..

  3. Hey that may be the last diaper change he's able to get out of if she's dying right?

    And about the move I'm curious as to how many of the same pts you'll see- good luck

  4. The same drama shows up in every ER! Hood hospitals tend to have generations of drama because when you LIVE in the hood, life is a total drama queen audition. How do you get attention above the fray? I'm familiar with baby Daddy drama because that is often how they get attention from otherwise indifferent FOC's. It's hard and often impossible to turn that life around in the emergency room. I've often used the, "We're trying to get you into a room but someone that could be your Mama or your Daddy or your child has just come in with (insert your most dramatic drama here: gunshot, heart attack, seizure, hemorrhage, alien attack)and your wait could be 3 hours. Would you like to come back later? Yes, there is a torrent of expletives and biting tongue you say, "I know (it sucks)I'm really sorry....you can wait but it might be better for you if you come back. Then you say a little prayer they buy it and another prayer for the next shift.

  5. And then if and when guys send them up to us on the floors, and BabyDaddy starts asking US to change the diapers. He gets The Eyeball. SHE is guaranteed a semi-private room, so BabyDaddy WONT BE ABLE to spend the night. maybe that way she gets some rest. :-p