Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Need To Buy a Vowel, Please

Check-in form for the ubiquitous baby fever (after explaining to mom twice that she didn't write her own name down on the blank that says PATIENT'S NAME)-

Reason for visit:  Haigh fever and cryn.

Okay, well I guess your baby has a high fever and won't stop crying but you ran out of vowels when you used that extra one to tell us about his "haigh" fever, but did you not hear that Medicaid will now provide you with extra vowels at no additional cost?


  1. Sometimes I think that you are completely ignorant of why a person would have trouble with writing in english and filling out a form. Do you really not know about people who did not grow up with english as their first language? Or perhaps they are (gasp) poor, uneducated, and dealing with more trauma and stress that you (yes, EVEN YOU) could ever understand. Did any of your training discuss the reasons why a person may have problems navigating the hospital system? Do you just hate poor people? Are you at all aware of how your race and education may give you advantages you are not aware of?
    Email me at if you want to reply directly.

  2. Nope, no need to reply directly, I'm pretty comfortable admitting that I'm not a perfect individual and I'm the type of asshole that sometimes I just laughs at thing that sound funny to me without first thinking of them through the lens of the socioeconomic structure of America in regards to my white privilege. Truly sorry for that.
    But hating poor people? Really? Yes, you caught me, I TOTALLY hate poor people, for being poor and stinking up my waiting room with their poorness. Obviously. Since you clearly know me and my background and the people I associate with.

  3. What a DUMB WHORE!!!!

    1. I was actually sincere about the first part. I'm kind of immature that way. But you make me feel a little better about it with your hardcore trolling. Stay classy now.