Monday, April 2, 2012

Chief Complaint of the Night

"Um, yeah, do you guys do like testing and stuff to see if people are able to have kids?"



  1. but we have a special this week on frontal lobatomies

  2. hi, i wanted to ask you a big favor if you dont mind. i'm studying to become an er nurse. as my final exam i have to make an essay and find sources and one of the essay requirements is interview someone who has worked or is working as an er nurse. if you can help me i can email you the questions if not thank you anyways. sorry i left the comment as anonymous

    1. Hi, I'm not Hoodnurse, but I think this is odd...

      You've done clinicals, right? You're going to be an ER nurse? So you know ER nurses? Hoodnurse is extremely awesome, but wouldn't it be better for your project to interview someone in person, in your geographical area?

      No doubt Hoodnurse can teach you tons, because she's smart like that, but talking to someone working in your specific region as well as your field might help you more.

  3. Yes. I think her prefrontal cortex is seriously impaired. Hello

  4. How does EMTALA not cover that?
    It at least covers paternity testing, right?

  5. "I'm sorry, but that doesn't qualify as an emergency. Please go to BK, have a seat, and text all your friends to see if they can tell you where this can be done."

  6. "Yes, and I'm sorry. You failed."