Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year?

Yeah, so since I started my resolution of getting my ass back in my non stretch pants earlier last year I have nothing to share with you in that regard other than I will sincerely work hard to share with you the most heartbreaking and horrifying thing I have ever seen in my career here with you in not too long, guys, but I just still can't do it right now.

But, for right now, I will share that new year's eve was pretty sweet and am the ultimate champ of guess the blood ETOH, for which I won $3.50, 2 packets of saltines, a pack and a half of gum, and a red bull. Since I'm in a good mood since I'm getting over my upper respiratory infection and have a couple of days off, I will share with you the secret to my success to you can all win money at this game, too. Let me give you the patient scenario:

40-50 some man goes out on NYE, drives his car into a wall. Airbag deploys, man climbs out of drivers seat and into passengers seat in front of witnesses at the scene, tells police he wasn't driving and that the driver ran off, presents to the ER backboarded and c-collared. Unable to form a sentence or give us his birthday. Sober enough to stick with his story. Based on this info, you calculate
Legal ETOH limit:0.8- at least twice that to be drunk enough to run into a wall and round up for good measure brings up to 1.6 ^ 2.0.
Patient's age combined with his quick thinking in a situation like this leading me to believe he's probably been training for this for a while- add 1.0+2.0=3.0
Add the fact that he was probably pretty drunk, even for him, as he was unable to maintain clear speech add 0.2, leaving us with 0.2+3.0=3.20.
Actual number 3.19. Yes, I am the ETOH CHAMPION.


  1. Good guess on the ETOH!! I'm rubbish at guessing i'm always far too low!

    C. RN

  2. Nice calculating, I'm looking to see if I can buy a pair of skinny jeans, but I'm thinking they only make those for skinny people, I guess we'll see. :-)

  3. Go for it. If you got a booty, go for levis. I own two pairs of their skinny jeans in the exact same wash and thats pretty much all I wear now.

  4. And if you don't got a booty, like me, Gap jeans are the shiznit.

    Well done on the BAL. I'm always shit at guessing - either I fly way low or I think this is the record one and go for a ridiculous .447 or something.