Thursday, April 29, 2010

ER Pet Peeve #1 of 890,345

Know who I hate? Indulgent parents, that's who.
I'm not even discussing the people who let their kids run amok about the hospital. If your kid is well enough to be running, I'd be happy for you to please leave and go to the pediatrician tomorrow, please, but otherwise I don't care one way or the other unless I'm about to trip on your child and step on his face.
No. I'm talking about the ass hats that make treatment a choice for their preschool age children. The parents in triage who, when asked if they gave their kid any Tylenol for his fever reply, "Well, no. You see, little Johnny doesn't like taking medicine." It takes all of me not to respond, "Who is the f%#ing parent, you or little Johnny?" No one likes taking medicine. I didn't like taking a bath as a kid, either. My parents made me do it. For one, because it was good for me, and two, because no one likes a smelly child. It's the same for your kid. You punish them if they don't take the medicine. Because they need it. And because it pisses me off when your child attempts to kick me for putting an oximeter on his finger and spits Tylenol in my face.
No, Ma'am. I do not play that. What I play is the "I'm very concerned with this 102 fever"card. "Oh my. This is very serious. We need to get this fever down by any means necessary. Little Johnny, would you like to refrain from spitting this Motrin in my face next time? I'm gonna give you one more try before I put a suppository in your butt. " There. I bet your kid will drink the grape flavored syrup next time. You're welcome.
Parents like this infuriate me in all aspects of life. Children of parents like this as a general rule turn out to be entitled douchebags, because their parents were either too lazy or stupid to say "no" occasionally, even if it's for their best interest. Saying no builds character, keeps your kid's fever down, and keeps them out of jail, okay parents? Now take your demon children, give them a bunch of suppositories, and get them out of my ER and off my lawn. Bah humbug.


  1. I'm not a nurse, but a parent, and taking medicine has never been an option for my child if I deem it necessary. She's 7 now, and my husband (her father) will hold her down if necessary and I WILL get that medicine down her throat. I'm with ya 100% on this one. Heck, I've had her in the ER, and I'VE held her down for the nurse!

  2. Yup. One of my peeves also. You wouldn't believe how many parents say on the phone THE EXACT SAME THING. Or telling me the kid REFUSES THE BATH to try to reduce the fever. I have actually told parents: YOU ARE THE PARENT is UP TO YOU TO ENSURE YOUR CHILD IS TREATED. Geez. I also mention the option of the rectal suppository........
    It's frustrating. To say the least.

  3. I feel you. A majority of our family disturbance calls are "child being disprespectful!" When I arrive I suggest the parent beat the kid as we walk out the door.