Monday, April 19, 2010


Oh man, oh man. A while back I wrote about one of the worst patients I've ever had- a verbally abusive patient in "sickle cell crisis" who it turned out, only had the sickle cell trait.
Well, fate was kind to me, because recently he came back. I was working in a different part of the ER at the time, but I happened to go to lunch at the same time as the nurse and doctor taking care of this little a-hole. They brought up his name, and my heart skipped a beat. I made sure to mention his slight exaggeration about his health condition, and about his nasty little habit of lying about having a ride, and gave them a quick overview of his behavior during his visit with me.
Sure enough, the nurse called his mom about whether she was actually driving him home, to which she apparently responded, "Hell no! He knows I don't have any money to put gas in the car!"
Hmm. Guess who got sent home with a Toradol shot? Dilaudid breakfast combo canceled.
There you go. Be nice to your nurse, ladies and gentlemen, if for no other reason than karma is a bitch.

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