Friday, March 19, 2010

Well, hell.

I guess I'm gonna have to start monitoring my comments. There has been a disturbing trend on blogger lately where people whose names are in Japanese characters leave me vague comments along the lines of "Confucious say man who stand on toilet is high on pot......", except the "......" parts are all individual links to some kind of lipstick lesbian Asian girls porn site.

Great. Listen, trolls. NO ONE READS THIS. Except like, my family and a couple of other awesome people who happen to be amused by medical stories told using lots of swear words and hillbilly ghetto slang. Put that shit on Perez Hilton or some other blog people actually comment on. It may get taken down, but at least people will see it before it does. If you're gonna post that crap on my blog you might as well just go outside and hand out some fliers to the animals in the fucking woods, because it will get you about as much traffic as my blog will.

Reporting this stuff is pretty much impossible, with as vague as all the policy violations are when you try to do it. So, I have a suggestion for you, Blogger. As everyone should know by now, everything on the internet is about pornography. I think we should all adjust our expectations accordingly and put a big red button on top of every Blogger profile that says THIS BLOG IS A FRONT FOR PORNOGRAPHY.
Ahem. I accept check or money order, Blogger. Your move.

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