Friday, February 8, 2013

This Is Definitely a Bad Sign

Yeah, it's never good when you go to wash your hands and notice in the mirror that your badge has a big smear of blood across it, and you can't even begin to narrow down whose blood it might be because you have multiple patients with blood shooting out of multiple orifices.
The ICU hell streak continues. I'm considering holy water as a viable option at this point.


  1. Had my first experience with that last week as a student on my SICU rotation. Doc removed the IABP and asked me to do the direct pressure. He yanks it out, blood goes everywhere, movie-style! I got CREAMED! Man, I'll never lose the smell but at least he didn't have C-dif! =) I felt properly initiated but I'm sure it will soon become a pain in the ass.

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    1. Duh! I was actually just about to email you and ask you to guest blog! Welcome back!

    2. Can you invite me as a reader to this blog so I can check it out? Thanks:)