Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From the Comment Wall of Fame

Hood Hospital 2 has a bulletin board in the doc's room, which is a place where various notices are kept, but it has also become the official patient complaint hall of fame.  Any surveys or comment cards with particularly colorful language can be found there for the staff to enjoy.  I was in there talking with the one of the docs the other day when I noticed possibly the best comment card I had ever seen, written about one of my favorite ER doctors.  It read:
"Cool lady ER doc was the best.  She treated me with the utmost respect and care, even though I accidentally cussed her out."
WHOOPS! Don't you hate it when you accidentally cuss someone out?  It's like when you're trying to hold a fart in but can't, but instead of stinky gas from your bowels, it's verbal abuse and profanity.   Any diet suggestions to keep this from happening again in the future?


  1. "Any diet suggestions to keep this from happening again in the future?"


  2. If you figure that out, let me know. I work Peds and really have to work on my filter. It's worst with the toddlers, because they'll repeat any words they hear.

  3. When loudmouth knucklehead politely asked me to "get him a m*****f****** pillow", I cheerfully responded I'd be happy to, as long as he didn't mind me holding it over his face until he stopped kicking.

    Sorry, I plead guilty to four years in the Marines, and an inability to tolerate jackholes with attitudes.

    My charge nurse pulled me aside later that night and verbally counselled me.

    She requested that the next time there was an exchange of that type, I close the patient's room door, because a couple of the doctors were having trouble charting while they were snickering.