Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hissy Fit of the Night

A few of our doctors are prone to hissy fits. Such is nursing that you are forced to listen to grown ass men (and occasionally, women) bitch and complain to you like petulant children about stupid shit isn't that important over which you have absolutely zero control in order to get your job done. Anyway. It's usually just annoying but occasionally it's kind of funny, particularly when the doctor in question doesn't speak English as a first language and they're trying to spit out the proper words to express their frustration.
Such as last night, as burly eastern european doc is hastily trying to intubate when he looks up to see that the heat lights in the resus room are on. "Why? Why do you do this to me? Why are these lights on like this? These lights are for snakes and iguanas only! I am not a snake! Turn them off please!" When everyone in the room responded with riotous laughter as opposed to a fearful silence, he attempted to explain further. "These lights are like the lights for the snakes at the petting zoo! We do not need this!" Yes sir! The lights were turned off three minutes ago while you were still talking about snakes.
Henceforth, the heat lights will forever be known as the snake lights.


  1. That's a hoot. Many years ago we had several MD's who were prone to daily hissy fits. We finally had it and erected a "shrine" at the nurses station, complete with candles (unlit, of course)and would vote for our favorite complainer. We'd put his/her picture on the shrine. Finally, one day, one of our really good doc's- a non-complainer- asked why he was never honored like many of his fellow MD's were. When we told him the shrine was for the "prick of the week" award the look on his face was priceless. He obviously told the others about this honor. Made a tremendous improvement in their collective behaviors.

  2. That's pretty funny to imagine with the accent. When ever I see anyone mention a "resus" room all I can think of is rhesus monkeys bouncing around.