Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, that must be nice

So, last night one of the brilliant and exceptionally run nursing homes in our area sends over one of their employees for some kind of arm pain or whatever, clearly some kind of muscle strain that somehow required EMS transport.
Anyway, so I'm talking to this lady as I go to medicate her and she's telling me how stumped she is that this has happened to her and she has no idea what could have caused it. I tell her that in our line of work with moving patients and such that it's pretty easy to strain a muscle and not realize it until later. So she looks at me kind of funny, scoffs and says, "I'm an RN. I don't move patients." Oh, well shit, that's right. No one the techs move the patients. Excellent. Strong work as always.


  1. I am an RN and I have always had to move patients. Guess I never worked in a nursing home.

  2. I'm a nursing assistant and I've worked in nursing homes my entire career and I NEVER work there again. I'm sorry if I offend anyone but some nurses acted as if helping to move a patient was beneath them. Some acted as if the chair was surgically attached to their ass. However some nurses were nice and they helped me. I'm thankful for them.