Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work absence FAIL

So, last night some fool checks in for elevated blood pressure- I guess 2 AM on a weeknight after you've been out all night drinking is as good a time as any to check in for the fact that you stopped taking your blood pressure meds months ago and you want a prescription refill. Yeah, okay.
His blood pressure was actually fine but the doctor was much more concerned about his drunkness so we kept him in the room for a while after he was discharged. At one point I was walking by his room to go do real work when he called me in to ask me a question.
Hood Nurse: What can I do for you sir?
Pt: Yeah. I need a work excuse from the doctor, for like, three or four days off or somethin'.
Hood Nurse: For elevated blood pressure that you've had for several months? Why? We're sending you home on meds, sir.
Pt: Well, um, like, my job is like, really stressful and I just don't think I need to be there while my pressure is high.
Hood nurse: Yeaaahh. I'm gonna have to talk to the doctor about this one.

At this point I have to know what he does that is so stressful and I look up his demographic info in the computer to see that he works for a carpet steaming company. Oh really. Yeah, that's gonna be a big negative on the three days off work, but thanks for playing.


  1. He should try being a nurse and having to deal with pts like himself, then he would know work stress

  2. lmao! they always try to play you, but we are no

  3. You just lost all of your steam cleaner readers! Way to alienate them. My uncle was a steam cleaner. He was totally stressed. You know how those coffee stains can be dammit!

    ER Doc

  4. Bahahaha you will NEVER KNOW THE PAIN OF THE STEAM CLEANERS. Insensitive beeotch, I tell you.