Thursday, October 7, 2010

And I thought I had a bad day.

I took care of my terrible horrible whiny-ass non-compliant patient from hell the other day. This time she was came to ER for a nosebleed that we were actually able to stop until she picked at it incessantly with a nubby towel and blew it every time the bleeding stopped. Why? Why not? She needs something to do, I guess. We packed one side and then she actually made the other side start bleeding by scratching it with paper towels. I swear she's doing this foolishness on purpose. I overall had a crap night, and it would have bothered me more were it not for the patient I took care of earlier in the evening.

No matter how bad it gets, at least I didn't wake up from my sleep to find my lips and tongue so swollen that I couldn't put my tongue back in my mouth, go downstairs to call an ambulance, fall down said stairs and get a compound ankle fracture on top of the worst angioedema I've ever seen in my life. Not only that, but this poor woman couldn't get conscious sedation or really even enough pain medicine for the doctor to reset the bone in her ankle because we didn't want her to lose her airway and end up getting a cricotomy. So she had to just sit there and feel all of it, after her husband totally bailed on her because he didn't want to see it happen.
Yup. All that makes a 12 hour shift 15 minute lunch, two bathroom breaks and histronic crazy patients sound pretty awesome in comparison.

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  1. Love your blog. Been there done that with the angioedema. It's not fun.