Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yeah, I know we're not supposed to judge.

But I'm just gonna come out and say it. If you're my age (24), on kid number 5, and you can't refrain from coming to my ER with sobbing with a blood alcohol three times the legal limit- yeah. You've pretty much failed at life so far. Especially when you do this often enough that your mother in law has to take care of your 5 kids full time, yet you can't hold your booze enough to not try and jump out of the bed non stop to try to hit me in my face.
I will humbly clean up your piss and gently tell you stop whenever you try to crush my fingers because I'm trying to make sure your circulation still looks good after the soft wrist restraints I had to put on you. But in my mind, I am totally thinking you're an asshat. Yeah. Sorry about that.


  1. You need a "like" button to push. I agree. Ok to have 5 kids if you are able to support them - feed them, educate them and give them enough love and be a real parent to them at the very least.... but the alcohol thing I have seen in L&D so often...I really wonder about people.... and fear for the babies....I wish i were already retired. Do I have some stories for you.

  2. I think our whole "Don't judge" model allows people to walk all over us and think it's okay to act like a complete douche. Whenever I'm being a bitch I appreciate when my friends say "Wow you're being a big old bitch right now."

    I wish we could say that to some patients. But then again it probably wouldn't phase them. It might help me feel better though ;-)

  3. Yes, CCs CPS reports were filed.
    J-Law, that is the single biggest advantage of working in the hood. With the right patients, you can just be like, "Yeah, no. This is foolish behavior and you need to stop. I'll come back when you're finished acting a fool" and they actually straighten up and act right.
    Indeed, Jason. Indeed.