Thursday, August 5, 2010

Strong post to follow.

Listen, I need to drink and go to bed, so I can't really go into detail, but lets just say due the perfect storm of some personal fuckery, some super sick and borderline abusive patients, and PMS, I want to punch faces.
When you start your shift with getting into a verbal altercation with some douchebag floor charge nurse who is on some customer service board because she didn't like the way you looked at her when she asks you to bring a chart to another nurses station while you transport a patient and she sits on her ass, the night is not going to go well. Especially if what follows involves not one, but two patients with NO veins pulling out their 24 gauge thumb IVs literally right before you're about to send them upstairs due to foolishness. Especially if what follows that is some idiot spitting Kayexalate all over your face, hair and clothing right before you have to sit through a "meeting" where you're supposed to bring up your "issues", which actually means management is going to jerk off for an hour and a half while you make fun of them to yourself and snicker. And when you do try to bring up sincere questions, some day shift charge nurse turd tries to use it as an opportunity to be as condescending as possible towards you and to climb just a little bit further up management's ass.
Seriously. Sometimes I hate everyone and I just pitch my spectralink across the ER, scream back at the patients who scream at me, kick the piece of crap printers that never work with all my might, cuss out specific nurses on the floor and the ICU, and wield blunt fill needles in a threatening fashion.
It's a good thing I have self control. And champagne and orange juice in my fridge.


  1. I have weeks-long runs of such fuckery. Eventually it passes. Until then, I 100% support you stocking your fridge with various libations. Hang in there.

  2. Find yourself some buds in the ER. There are other nurses who aren't assholes. Remember that you are a very good nurse who does a very good job. Think of that at times like this. Unfortunately, we all go through this shit.

  3. Douches in Management. Major fuckers for sure. I recommend a stiff one of your choice and a mental health day or two.

  4. I second Rachedy. Take it from us. It isn't worth it....if you are going to survive. And personally, I would skip the OJ. Straight up.