Monday, May 31, 2010

Is it bad

When you're going over your Facebook status updates to see if it's okay to approve your priest as a friend, and you notice that about 80% of them are about drinking because your job is terrible?
Yeah, I kind of thought so.


  1. Hey, I wouldn't worry. Most priests do a little sipping on the side fact - you two might find you have a lot in common....:)

  2. Hey you'd fit right in with my facebook bunch!!/profile.php?id=1516166763&v=info

  3. Haha. I'm Episcopalian, so the sipping is pretty much out in the open, all the time. My parents actually bought our Curate a bottle of gin for an Easter gift one year. True story.
    Jason- I will totally add you if you can keep my secret identity safe.

  4. No, I mean more along the lines of, should I be worried that my job apparently drives me to drink on a semi-frequent basis? Probably. Will I do anything about it? Probably not.

  5. Question:
    I am a student nurse, do you actualy hate being a nurse or ...?

  6. Sometimes. I mostly just solve my problems with alcohol, though.
    No. Not really. I actually love being a nurse. I hate what the place I work for makes it about. I hate that I spend my time writing the same thing literally 7 times on whatever stupid piece of paper has been added to my chart. I hate that I spend a bunch of energy on awful people looking for drugs when real sick people need my help. I hate that the attitude about mistakes where I work is not about education but about punishment, and that it creates a culture in this workplace where people pass the buck and stab each other in the back instead of trying to help.
    Taking care of sick people? I love doing that. Especially when they're actually sick and have a chance to get better and I can do something to help them. Or even if they can't get better and I can make them and their family more comfortable or less scared. I love that more than anything and I'd do it for free. Unfortunately, I'd say that's about 30 % of what my job actually is, while the rest is covering my ass and worrying about things I really don't care about so I can continue to do the part I love.
    Does that answer your question?