Sunday, August 30, 2009

sad stuff.

Big bummer, guys. I just found out last night that my little newborn baby boy from last week died a couple of days ago at the Children's Hospital. I have no idea what from- they transferred him out last week, and apparently a few days ago one of the cops was walking around on day shift trying to figure out who the nurse was in order to obtain more info about the guy who dropped him off. I never actually saw him, but I hope the police will be able to tell me more about what happened. I just pray that in no way was this a result of something the parents did. There should be video of their car, so if it was they can hopefully find them. I'll update if I get anymore details. I've been shying away from this lately since most of the stuff that's happened in the last week has been really sad. I'll catch up soon- hopefully with some more lighthearted stuff tonight.


  1. I'll say a prayer for that poor baby, and it would seem his parents might need some praying too. I hope you can take comfort in being one of the people who thought warmly of him and cared for him in his life...without a doubt, this is a mitzvah.