Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally, an explaination?

In the last year I've been working, I've made the discovery that there is an entire other world out there. A world full of people who do shit I wouldn't even think of doing. One of the things that still totally weirds me out is the complete lack of modesty on the part of some of our patients. Now, I'm not talking about psych patients or the bra-less women who lift up their shirts for EKGs or other stuff that's actually related to medical treatment- that I understand.
I'm talking about people who just chill with their junk hanging out watching TV who make no attempt to cover it up when the nurses or doctors come in the room. I know we're med professionals and we've seen it all, etc, but c'mon buddy. Why does your boob have to be hanging out while I'm talking to you? I have boobs (well sort of) and that's still distracting to me. This actually happens frequently enough that I really didn't think to mention it, until the other day I'm charting at the nurses station and a patient another nurse had been taking care of pokes her head out of the door and asked me for a belonging bag. I hop up and walk into the room to get her one, and when I get in the room I notice she's wearing a hospital gown backwards with all of her junk hanging out. Trying to engage me in conversation with her vagoo, like, right there! Dude. She even had a blanket on and all her shit was still showing.
I got the bag and gracefully backed out of the room. I'm standing with a sort of bewildered look on my face in the hall when the doctor walks by and asks me what's wrong. I asked him if that patient had kept her vagina out the entire night. He just shrugged and said, " Yeah. I don't know why women do that. Maybe they think it'll get them their medicine faster." Well, that's a thought. Maybe I'll ask next time.


  1. Well, like my former wife used to say. "You can't sell if you don't advertise".

  2. I can safely say no one wants what these ladies are selling.