Thursday, September 10, 2009

baby update

So, I just got the news recently about the details of everything with my little newborn a few weeks ago. One of the ER nurses here is friends with one of the girls in the nursery, who told her that apparently, the cause of death was sepsis. Pretty soon after he got admitted, the little guy spiked a fever, and since he wasn't really old enough to have developed an immune response, his organs eventually shut down.
The sad part is that he might have lived if he was cared for by the mother- if the mom had cleaned her feces off of him at birth, if he had gotten care earlier, or if he could have gotten some maternal antibodies from breast milk.
The good thing was it was nothing intentional, and the nurses caring for him loved him a lot. Apparently they all adored the little baby and had even given him a name. So in the short time that he was alive, there were lots of people who cared for him- which is really all any of us can hope for.

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  1. you put it really beautifully. thanks for the update. keep on doing good works, lady